PAATOLI (Traditional Sweet Dish Made Using Turmeric Leaves)

Paatoli is a traditional dish made by various communities in Maharashtra as well as Karnataka. It is a sweet dish with a wonderful aroma and flavour of the turmeric leaves used as a base for the dish.

In the NKGSB cuisine of Karwar, Paatoli is made traditionally on the occasion Naag Panchami and Ganesh Chaturthi. With Karwar’s proximity to the sea, coconuts and rice are a part of the staple diet. Similarly even the sweet dishes are made using healthy ingredients like coconut and jaggery!

Paatoli is one such dish which is made by spreading some rice paste over the turmeric leaf and stuffed with a sweet coconut jaggery filling! The flavour of the turmeric leaves as well as it’s nutrients seep in through the rice flour and gives a totally delicious flavour to the paatoli. A completely healthy dish, the nutritional value is maintained further by the steaming method!

Though in the olden days, the rice paste was prepared by soaking rice overnight and then grinding it to a paste in a huge mortar & pestle, today it is made using the readily available rice flour from the grocery stores!

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Prep Time : 25 min

Cooking Time : 15 min

Serves : 6

Cup Used : 200 ml


(I) For The Filling :

  • 6 Large Turmeric Leaves
  • 1 cup Coconut
  • 1 cup Jaggery
  • 1 tsp Cardamom Powder

For The Outer Covering :

  • 1 cup Rice Flour
  • 3/4 – 1 cup Clean Water (Approx)
  • 1/4 tsp Salt


  1. To make Paatoli, first heat a kadhai and add ghee to it. Add the grated coconut and jaggery to it. Stir on high flame stirring constantly, for a few minutes till the jaggery melts.
  2. Stir further till the mixture becomes slightly dry, but not sticky and add the cardamom powder to it. Set aside to cool
  3. In the meantime, mix together the rice flour, water and salt well, assuring that there are no lumps at all.
  4. It is advisable to add water gradually as required get a smooth spreadable paste.
  5. Next, rinse the turmeric leaves and pat dry with a clean kitchen towel.
  6. Spread the rice flour paste evenly on the top surface of the leaves, leaving about a 3/4 cm border at the edges.
  7. Spread the prepared coconut jaggery mixture lightly on half portion of the paste, without applying any pressure.
  8. Cover with the remaining half portion of the leaf and place it in a greased steamer.
  9. Repeat the same process till all the leaves are used.
  10. Cover the steamer with the lid and cook on high for 15 minutes.
  11. After about 5 minutes, open the lid and transfer the paatoli to a serving dish.
  12. Serves the delicious Paatoli with a drizzle of some pure homemade Ghee!!

Pictures depicting the cooking process :

Author: tastyrecipesfrompooja

An artist by nature, I love painting, travelling to different places and photographing nature, gardening, crochet, reading, etc. It's my nature to give my best to anything and everything I do. From a person who could cook very few dishes..... I have converted myself to a person who now can cook varied dishes! I like perfection in all my work. Reading a lot of recipes, watching different famous chefs' cooking shows on television and observing their methods, techniques and tips very closely and studiously what has made me a very good cook today. Though there are numerous recipes I haven't tried my hand at..... there are many other in which I have gained exerpertise only by trial and error! I still watch all interesting cookery shows on TV to gain more knowledge on cooking techniques of other cultures from here and abroad!! Nowadays, I have started adding healthy twists to my dishes as and when I can without compromising on their original taste. Started this blog to share a few recipes of mine with all other cooking enthusiasts! Happy cooking to all! 😃

9 thoughts on “PAATOLI (Traditional Sweet Dish Made Using Turmeric Leaves)”

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you liked it. Turmeric leaves are used not only for cooking traditional sweets by our community, but in the making of clarified butter (ghee) as well as a particular mackerel dish too. I’ve planted them in pots in my balcony and right now with the monsoons and upcoming Nagpanchami, they are growing large and fast!

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      1. My pleasure. I too love to learn about other food cultures. And, if you have access to fresh turmeric roots, you can just sprout them and plant in the garden or pots just before the onset of monsoon. And the results will be out just after it starts raining!

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  1. Maast !! One of my favourites from when I was growing up ( my neighbor was konkani and they would make it often on Sundays). Somehow I had forgotten about this dish. Thank you for sharing here. I will try it for sure.

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