RUSHI CHI BHAAJI is a speciality of Maharashtra and is made specially on Rushi Panchami, which falls on the next day of Ganesh Chaturthi. Hence the name!

This is a simple dish made using a mix of various vegetables. The preparation is very simple with very less ingredients like cumin, coconuts and green chillies and no other spices. Again, pure homemade ghee or butter is used to top the vegetable and there is no tempering, which otherwise is very rare in any vegetable preparation.

For this dish, I have used only those vegetables which are preferred in my house. Else, generally even Lady fingers (bhendi/okra) and Colocassia leaves (bhaaji cha alu) are used in this preparation. Again, you can find many different recipes for Rushi Chi Bhaaji on the net. I have learnt this recipe in my marital home and like it a lot.

One important thing about this vegetable is that it is highly nutritious and can be prepared a bit before or after Rushi Panchami too, as these vegetables, especially ambade are available in all these months in the monsoons! Yes, the amaranth stalks might be a bit difficult to find, and the special Laal Maath with a mix of red green leaves is available before Rushi Panchami! But can be easily substituted by the normal Laal Maath available!

Again one more thing to mention is that in the olden days, only white corn was available in India and was used in this vegetable. I too always preferred that one. It has almost disappeared from the market now, but is available during Ganesh Chaturthi, and especially for this vegetable in the monsoons! But with passing times, I too gradually started loving the yellow sweet corn available throughout the year as it’s sweetness goes very well with the flavour of this vegetable! The ambade give it the required sourness and should be used as per preference. If unavailable, substitute by using a little tamarind while grinding the coconut paste!

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Here’s the recipe for Hrushi Chi Bhaaji….

Prep Time : 40

Cooking Time : 40 min

Serves 4-5


  • 1/2 bunch Laal Maath (3-4 cups chopped Red Amaranth Leaves and tender stalks)
  • 1 stalk Dethacha Maath (Thick Amaranth Stalks ….. Cut into finger length pieces)
  • 250 gm Taushe (A special variety of cucumbers available in the month of Shravan)…. Peeled and cubed
  • 200 gm Red Pumpkin (Laal Bhopla)
  • 100 gm Lady Fingers (Shraavani Bhendi)…. (Chopped into 1″ pieces appropriately)
  • 1 Medium Sized Sweet Potato…. Cubed
  • 2 Ridge Gourd (Shiraali/Dodka)
  • 1 Smooth Gourd (Ghosaali)…. Peeled and chopped into big chunks
  • 2 Sweet Corns (Makaa)
  • 4 Aambade (Hog Plums)
  • 3 tbs Homemade Ghee/Homemade Butter

To Be Ground To A Smooth Paste :

  • 1/2 cup Fresh Grated Coconut
  • 4 Green Chillies …. To be adjusted as per preferred spiciness
  • 2 tsp Cumin Seeds


  1. To make the Rushi Chi Bhaaji, first pluck out the leaves from the amaranth stalks, and pluck out the leaves with tender stalks from the amaranth bunch too.
  2. Soak the leafy greens in some salted water for about 20 minutes, so that the worms, if any will surface to the top of the water.
  3. Drain the greens and rinse again in sufficient water. Drain out all the water and chop finely.
  4. In the meantime, wash the rest of the vegetables too.
  5. Slice off the protruding thick veins (shira/ridges) of the ridge gourd and chop off it’s ends. Taste another slice to check that it’s not bitter and chop it into big chunks.
  6. Slice of the thick peel of the pumpkin and chop it into chunks.
  7. Similarly, peel the smooth gourd too and chop off it’s ends. Taste another slice to check that it’s not bitter and chop into chunks.
  8. Discard the husks of the corn too and chop into pieces of desired size.
  9. Peel the ambade and set aside till further use.
  10. Grind together the grated coconut, green chillies and the cumin seeds to a fine paste using water as required.
  11. Heat a saucepan and add about 2 cups water to it. When it heats up, add the corn and cover and cook for about 5 to 7 minutes.
  12. Now add the amaranth stalks and mix well. Cover and cook for further 5 to 6 minutes.
  13. Uncover and add all the other vegetables except the leafy greens and the ambade. Leave the vegetables on the top itself and cover and cook again, checking in between to see if the vegetables are cooked.
  14. After about five minutes add the amaranth greens too and cover and cook.
  15. When the vegetables are almost cooked, add the Ambade and the prepared coconut paste. Add salt to taste and mix well.
  16. Add some more water if required to get a medium thick gravy of sorts (made by the leafy vegetable) or as desired and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for about 7 to 8 minutes.
  17. Switch off the flame and top with homemade butter or ghee and cover and set aside.
  18. It is advised that this vegetable be prepared a bit earlier before consumption, so that the flavours of the ambade and the coconut seep well into the vegetable.
  19. Serve this delicious and nutritious vegetable topped again with the butter or ghee with some phulkas or hot steamed rice and Varan and some Patravade and Taushe Sagle by the side.

Veggies used :

Author: tastyrecipesfrompooja

An artist by nature, I love painting, travelling to different places and photographing nature, gardening, crochet, reading, etc. It's my nature to give my best to anything and everything I do. From a person who could cook very few dishes..... I have converted myself to a person who now can cook varied dishes! I like perfection in all my work. Reading a lot of recipes, watching different famous chefs' cooking shows on television and observing their methods, techniques and tips very closely and studiously what has made me a very good cook today. Though there are numerous recipes I haven't tried my hand at..... there are many other in which I have gained exerpertise only by trial and error! I still watch all interesting cookery shows on TV to gain more knowledge on cooking techniques of other cultures from here and abroad!! Nowadays, I have started adding healthy twists to my dishes as and when I can without compromising on their original taste. Started this blog to share a few recipes of mine with all other cooking enthusiasts! Happy cooking to all! 😃


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