Sukkya Dhahyaatlya Mirchya is the Marathi name of Dry Curd Chillies. The NKGSBs, the Maharashtrians all make a variety of dried papads or say chillies (dry curd chillies / stuffed dried chillies) too. One such type are these Dry Curd Chillies.

This is a traditional recipe followed in many a households. A process which starts during the summer when the sun is at its peak! These dried food stuffs come handy during the rainy season when sometimes it can be difficult to get fresh vegetables (during heavy rains) or just to jazz up a meal.

This particular recipe of Dry Curd Chillies is from my grandmother’s kitchen from Karwar. These chillies can take anywhere from 10 to 15 days to dry up well, depending on the sunshine they receive. The rest of the process is quite easy and quick. These simple looking dried curd chillies are a delicacy in themselves! The trick is to fry them quickly on low flame and thus prevent them from getting burnt.

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  • 25 Short Green Chillies
  • 3 cups Curds
  • 1 tsp Asafoetida (Irani Hing …. i.e. Asafoetida of Irani variety….. Advisable)
  • Salt to taste


  1. To make the Dry Curd Chillies, first wash them thoroughly and drain all the water. Keep them aside to dry.
  2. Before bedtime, slit each chilly lengthwise almost till the stem and discard the seeds using a knife. Wearing gloves for the same is advisable.
  3. Fill each hollow with a pinch or two of salt. Rub a little on the chillies too.
  4. Place all these slit and salted chillies in a vessel and cover with a lid. Set them aside overnight.
  5. Next morning transfer all the chillies to a sieve to drain out all the water that the chillies might have released due to the salting process. This process helps reduce the spiciness of the chillies.
  6. If spicy chillies are preferred, just skip this salting process.
  7. Mix the curds, asafoetida and the salt in a mixing bowl and beat well.
  8. Transfer the well drained chillies to a slightly hollow dish and pour all the curds mixture over them so as to cover each chilly well.
  9. Give them a slight press with the back of a flat spoon so that all the chillies are well submerged in the curds. Set aside for a day.
  10. Next morning place this dish in strong sunlight for as many hours possible for the curd and chillies to dry.
  11. Repeat the drying process daily till all the chillies are absolutely dried and a bit stiff. During the process, take care not to stir the chillies till they dry up, or else they make easily break.
  12. When dried thoroughly, fill them up in a clean dry jar along with any dried up curds remaining.
  13. Deep fry the dried chillies for lunch or dinner and serve them alongside some Teppala Kadhi In NKGSB Style or Daali Toay and hot steamed rice.
  14. Another option is to just fry them and add to a cucumber tomato and spring onion curd raita. Crush them slightly and mix well and serve with any meal. Or add the fried chilly to Tempered curd rice, crush it a bit and mix it with the rice. Brings great taste to the simplest of meals!


After the curd and the chillies have both dried up well, store the dried chillies in an airtight container immediately when they are hot and stiff. Keep the lid partially open till they cool down and then close the lid tightly.

This is because if kept in the open for long after removing from the sun’s heat, these chillies tend to become soft and are not apt for storing or frying!

Author: tastyrecipesfrompooja

An artist by nature, I love painting, travelling to different places and photographing nature, gardening, crochet, reading, etc. It's my nature to give my best to anything and everything I do. From a person who could cook very few dishes..... I have converted myself to a person who now can cook varied dishes! I like perfection in all my work. Reading a lot of recipes, watching different famous chefs' cooking shows on television and observing their methods, techniques and tips very closely and studiously what has made me a very good cook today. Though there are numerous recipes I haven't tried my hand at..... there are many other in which I have gained exerpertise only by trial and error! I still watch all interesting cookery shows on TV to gain more knowledge on cooking techniques of other cultures from here and abroad!! Nowadays, I have started adding healthy twists to my dishes as and when I can without compromising on their original taste. Started this blog to share a few recipes of mine with all other cooking enthusiasts! Happy cooking to all! 😃


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